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This web site and Mel Hardman's book 'Discover Turning Clicks Into Cash' are designed to provide general information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is presented here with the understanding that the author and publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, investing advice or other professional services. If legal, accounting, investing or other professional services are desired, the services of an independent professional should be sought.

Hardman is an educator only---introducing others to trading concepts and software tools for trading. His book carries no 'Money back' guarantee of any kind. Hardman makes no guarantees of any nature and does not execute any action for any one that could effect in any way the account of another; each person following any of the ideas Hardman presents herein, does so at that person's own discretion and risk.

E-mini trading, or any involved activity in any part of the stock market, whether trading or investing, always carries RISK: one can loose all of one's money in the stock market.

Hardman further points out that he is neither employed by, nor is he a spokesman for any of the trading systems discussed herein, even though his voice may be heard narrating various specific presentations. He is, himself, a subscribing user only.

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